Hazard symbols according to the Dangerous Substances and
Dangerous Preparations Directive and the EU GHS Hazard Pictograms

Dangerous Substances and Dangerous Preparations Directive

Indication of Danger Reference Letter Symbol
Explosive E Explosive
Extremely flammable Highly flammable F+ F Extremely-flammable
Oxidising 0 Oxidising
No current match
Corrosive C Corrosive
Very toxic T+T Very-toxic
Harmful Irritant Xn Xi Harmful-Irritant
No current match
Dangerous to the environment N Dangerous
No current match
EU GHS Regulation

Exemplary Hazard Class/Categories Signal Word Hazard Pictogram
Explosives, divisions 1.1-1.3 Explosives, division 1.4 Danger Warning Explosives"
Flammable liquids, cat. 1, 2 Flammable liquids, cat.3 Danger Warning Flammable-liquids
Oxidising liquids, cat. 1, 2 Oxidising liquids, cat. 3 Danger Warning Oxidising-liquids
Gases under pressure,compressed gases Warning Gases-under-pressure
Skin corrosion, cat. 1A, 1B, 1C Corrosive to metals, cat. 1 Danger Warning Skin-corrosion
Acute toxicity, cat. 1,2,3 Danger Acute-toxicity
Acute toxicity, cat. 4 Skin irritation, cat. 2 Warning Acute-toxicity
Carcinogenicity, cat. 1A, 1B Carcinogenicity, cat. 2 Danger Warning Carcinogenicity
Hazardous to the aquatic environment, cat. 1 Warning Hazardous-to-the-aquatic-environment
Hazardous for the ozone layer Danger No Pictogram